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Artfull Aging is a Canadian-based company with a global vision. Through creative programming we enrich older adult communities. 


We believe that all older adult communities and their respective residents should have access to high-quality, sustainable art programming.

We are committed to increasing awareness about the profoundly positive impacts of creative experiences for older adults and overcoming barriers to participation.

Artfull Aging

Empowers Older Adults & Programming Staff
Artfull Aging programs ensure a support system for staff and residents to obtain self-efficacy and creative confidence.

On average, Artfull Aging programs are 8 times more cost effective than hiring an external contract artist.

We provide our members with program implementation strategies and best practise standards to maximise long term resident engagement.

Transforming a Creative Culture
Through consistent and impactful art experiences, Artfull Aging programs enhance the overall connectivity amongst residents, staff and the greater community.

Evidence-Based Programming
Our programs have shown to improve quality of life, combat social isolation, foster personal growth and improve cognitive resiliance.

Cailey Massey

Cailey Massey is a Canadian-born visual artist. She has been developing and implementing person-centered art programs in communities for over a decade. With hands-on, industry experience, Massey has dedicated her career to elevating artistic opportunities for underserved populations.
Art is transcendent of age.

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To ensure that Artfull Aging is the perfect fit for your community, we will provide you with an in-depth overview of our art programs, facilitator training and membership pricing.


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Once purchased, Artfull Aging programs and facilitator training will be easily accessible online through your custom account.

94 percent of life enrichment staff icon

of life enrichment staff believe that Artfull Aging programs accommodate a variety of abilities and skill levels

96 percent of users saw an increase icon

of users saw an increase in resident participation after implementing Artfull Aging programs

95 percent of life enrich staff saw icon

of life enrichment staff feel equipped to facilitate Artfull Aging programs with the training and resources provided

  • D. Ventimiglia
    It’s so nice to see residents who were apprehensive at the start of the program now have the confidence to create whatever project we are doing.
    D. Ventimiglia
    Lifestyle Program Manager
  • A. Squires
    Artfull Aging has changed the way I look at art, it’s not I can’t, it’s more I can because I love the way I feel about the process of art now and how creative it has made me feel.
    A. Squires
    Lifestyle Program Manager
  • C.M
    It brings life to our home.  We paint in the living room where everyone comes to watch and it’s created a buzz in the home. More and more residents are coming out every week!
    Lifestyle Program Manager
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