We are a Canadian-born company
with a global vision.

We believe that all older adult communities and their respective residents should have access to high-quality, consistent art programs that inspire artistic exploration.

Over the last five years, we have developed and implemented art programs that empower older adults in over 200 communities. Our community-specific approach uniquely considers a range of abilities and artistic interests to promote a thriving creative culture. 


We are committed to increasing awareness about the profoundly positive impacts of creative experiences for older adults.

Our art programs are uniquely designed to overcome age-related barriers without compromising quality. We aim to support, encourage and inspire all current and future Artfull Aging Artists!

“I never had the courage to paint until now.”



Cailey Massey is a professional artist and instructor. She has been developing person-centered art programs for over a decade for people aged 3 to 103 years old. With industry training, Cailey has dedicated her career to improving access to art programs for older adults.  


“Art is transcendent of age, and those are the words that we live by at Artfull Aging.”