What We Do

Innovative Art Programs


  • Step by step art programs that can be facilitated by your in-house staff
  • Easy-to-follow instructional project guides with photos of each step
  • Art program information includes facilitation strategies, materials, set-up requirements, length, the optimal number of participants etc.
  • Conversation starters to infuse each program with a social component
  • Opportunities to learn techniques and gain knowledge about art materials and art history



Community-Specific Approach


  • Adjustable art programs that meet the unique needs and abilities of participants
  • An emphasis on individual interpretation and exploration
  • Project guides that can be optimized and condensed for groups experiencing cognitive decline
  • We offer both hands-on art-making programs as well as discussion-style programs

Facilitator Training


  • Training videos that equip your in-house staff with the confidence and knowledge to successfully run Artfull Aging programs in older adult communities
  • Continually updated training videos that address feedback and suggestions from staff and residents
  • Training includes strategies for improving creative culture and fostering sustainable art programs
  • All training videos are accessible online

Contact us to setup a free consultation and lean how our custom programs can transform your community.